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Amazon Manifested Shelf Pull Truckloads
Internet returns loads are usually much cleaner than store returns loads. These are Internet shelf pull loads which are even better than that. Product damage is minimal. Most of it is box damage where the product is fine. There are not many loads like this on the market.
These are manifested loads with a low cost factor.
There is a wide variety of items that come in these loads that can include
Electronics, computers and accessories, cell phones and accessories, sporting goods, housewares, tools, home decor, bed and bath, and much more.
These are good loads for retail stores and online sales. There are not many loads like these on the market that consist of shell pulls and also contain a good variety of products. Pricing of these loads range from $9000-$16,000 depending on the value of the individual load.
A sample manifest is provided below
There is a waiting list on these loads like there is on almost any good load. Good loads sell quickly and are seldom sitting around waiting to be bought. The vast majority of these loads are pre sold before we get them. What you get on the list it won't take long. Wait times on these loads usually run from 3 to 10 days.You don't pay for the load until it is ready to ship.
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