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Loads we no longer handle or recommend
The liquidation industry has gone through significant changes over the past several years. Many large retailers have chosen to heavily process their liquidation loads, removing the premium items for resale on retail websites like eBay, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, etc. The resulting truckloads that remain are leftover loads full of things like garbage cans, hampers, large storage containers,air mattresses, seasonal items, broken picture frames, and all kinds of other less than desirable items.
Certain national and international retailers liquidation loads have been been big money makers in the past for retailers, auction houses, flea market vendors,wholesalers, online sellers, and exporters. The current trend to heavily processed loads has changed some of these loads profoundly to the point it can be difficult to make money on them. Some of them were among our most popular and best selling loads.
The move to auction based liquidation.
Many retailers have chosen to sell their liquidation inventory on auction sites. Some of these sites have become large with thousands if not tens of thousands of bidders. Many people do not understand liquidation inventory and some of the issues that are involved with it and run bid prices up to what would be considered closer to wholesale the liquidation prices. It becomes hard to make money when that happens. We hear this from customers all the time. We don't purchase liquidation loads from large auction sites and don't recommend it. Do you really want to compete with thousands of bidders for your inventory?
We still have contacts with all the major retailers but do not stock many of their loads anymore on a regular basis. This is a result of heavy processing and/or pricing on the loads. We can get you most anything you want on the market. We do not stock loads we feel will be unprofitable to the customer even though we get request for them frequently. Some of these loads were among the most popular and some of our best sellers last year. Times have changed and we have adjusted our inventory as a result.
Here are some of the loads we no longer purchase for stock or recommend. They are readily available and we can get them for you anytime if you really want. We feel there are much better alternatives.
Processed Lowes loads
Lots of Lowe's loads on the market over the past year. Some were sold direct outside of any auction sites which is good but most of the loads were not. We picked up some lightly processed returns loads out of Texas that were pretty good and some shelf pull loads out of multiple facilities that are very good.
Processed Wal Mart loads and Walmart.com
These loads were a staple of retail liquidation stores and wholesale pallet sellers for a lot of years. Many of these loads are now heavily processed and don't offer the buyer much in the way of value. The unprocessed store returns loads can still be pretty good. The catalog return loads can be OK but are sold on a large auction website with thousands if not tens of thousands of bidders who routinely run the cost of the loads well beyond the point of profitability. Do you really want to purchase your inventory by competitive bidding against some that have no clue what is involved with liquidation inventory?
Processed Sears loads
These used to be one of the top loads, especially for tools and hardware. Unfortunately most of the loads are heavily processed and sold on large auction sites. We occasionally get apparel and general merchandise loads directly from Sears. They are good loads and we sell them direct without auctions but they are far and few between.
Kmart loads
These used to be one of the top loads for general discount stores and pallet wholesalers. Unfortunately most of the loads are now heavily processed and sold on large national auction sites. They are nothing like they used to be.
Processed Home Depot loads
These loads used to be a great source of tools and hardware along with Sears loads. Unfortunately they are now heavily processed with many loads being sold on large auction sites. They are nothing like they used to be.
Kohls hardgoods/housewares loads
These used to be a great source of housewares however most loads now are heavily processed into individual pallets and distributed as such. Not much meat left on the bone at that point.
There are more but these are some of the loads that have been very popular in years past before the last major change in the industry. These loads have undergone profound changes in the last year and we made the decision to remove them from our inventory as a result.
We do not recommend purchasing inventory for resale on large auction platforms with no restrictions on bidders. Inventories can bid up way beyond what they're worth when thousands of unrestricted bidders are involved.
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