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All New Authentic Coach Handbags
Designer handbags are among the most sought after liquidation items. The market is full of counterfeit merchandise that can wind up losing you money, getting you in trouble, or both. there are only 2 ways we know of to get authentic designer handbags.
Purchase them directly from the manufacturing company or from on of its authorized retailers
Purchase returns lots where many or all of the items can be damaged.
The only way we know of to purchase new or overstock handbags is directly from the manufacturing company or one of its authorized retailers. The internet is full of counterfeit handbag dealers claiming to have handbags with serial numbers, ID cards, etc... The only way to know for sure is thought paperwork showing that the bags were purchased directly from the manufacturer or one of its authorized retailers.
We get ALL NEW Coach Handbag lots directly from Coach on occasion. These are brand new handbags in the poly bag. These are the only authentic overstock designer handbag lots we know of.
This lot is 27 handbags for $2,950. They are all new Coach handbags. No wallets, cel phone holders, accessories, etc...
This would be a good lot to export or to put out at a retail store.
We don't have other brands in overstock lots. Most everything we have seen on the market is counterfeit and we don't deal with counterfeit product. We do get authentic returns but then you are dealing with lots of damage.
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