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Wal Mart General Merchandise Loads

A+ Grade Load. Premium/Unprocessed Loads.
Volume:  26 pallet loads.

The good:
Some pallets barely fit in the truck. The trucks are between 75% to 95% full from the floor to the roof.  Majority of the items are in their original box in good working order.
Lots of overstock and shelf pulls in addition to returns.
Damage Rate: Usually 15% or less.
Contents:  Good mix of general merchandise with plenty of items $30 to $200. 
Estimated retail $50,000 to $140,000 depending on load level.  
Call for pricing.

A Grade Load: 
Volume:  Most trucks contain 26 pallets.

The good:
Pallets are usually minimum 5 feet tall.
The trucks are usually between 70% to 85% full from the floor to the roof.
Usually better than C and D Grade loads.

The bad:
Many pallets have large brown cartons that can contain little if any merchandise.
Damage rate is variable. It is not uncommon to exceed 40% or more on some loads.
Retail values are higher than C and D Grade loads but have fallen off substantially this year.
Mix is not consistent. Many loads missing popular categories. Over processed.
Call for pricing.

C and D Grade loads: 
Volume: 26 to 40 pallets.

The Good
Low price.

The bad.
Pallets can be anywhere from 7 feet to 7 inches tall. Don't expect many 7 footers. Some pallets can have only 1 or 2 small items on it. Trucks can be 40% to 85% full. Lots of variables.
Damage Rate: All over the place. Many trucks over 50%. You get what you pay for.
Contents:  Loads can have excessive amounts of seasonal product and leftovers the processors did not want to sell online.  Some loads have old product, several years old.  There are usually lots of items under $20.  Excessive damage is not uncommon with these loads.  Luck of the draw.  Lots of risk with these loads
Estimated retail $25,000 to $35,000.   
Lots of Risk. 
Call for pricing.

Bottom Line

There is a lot less risk with A+/Premium/Unprocessed loads. Once the jobbers starft in on pulling premium items out of loads, thier values start to plummet. All the new semi-wholesale websites have led to a whole new level of processing.

Note:  Wal Mart store loads are not manifested and all estimates of value are estimates not based on actual counts.  The information is gathered from our experience with the loads, feedback from our customers, and representations made by 3rd parties. 

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