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DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioners
This load contains 100 DeLonghi portable air conditioners.They are a mix of box damage and customer returns. The majority of the units are in good working order.Most of them range from 7,000 to 14,000 BTUs. Retail prices can range from $350 to $800.
The portable DeLonghi units are much nicer and more expensive than the cheap 5000 BTU window units that sell for $100-$150. Many models are listed on eBay for $300-$500. They are true portable units with rollers that can be used anywhere in the house or garage there is a window or door for exhaust.
These are expensive to buy the stores and customers appreciate discounts. Hot weather is here.
The current load is 100 units. Cost is $6900. FOB NC
There is no manifest. All units are DeLonghi portable air conditioners.
We also get D Grade loads that cost $2500 for 100 units. The fail rate on these loads can be very high with 75% not working on average. Those loads should only be purchased by technicians or refurbishing shops.
Call for availability.
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