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Good Current Loads
Some Of The Few That Are Not Heavily Processed.
The majority of retailers liquidation loads are heavily processed with the most desirable items being removed to be sold off on retail websites like eBay, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and others. We try to deal in niche loads that are not heavily processed and/or are good due to certain economic or market conditions. Most of these loads will require being on a waiting list. Anyone can get the heavily process loads that are always sitting around waiting to be purchased. Getting the profitable niche loads that are not heavily processed is competitive and sometimes involves a little waiting. Many of the wait times are short.
JC Penney Furniture and Mattress Loads
JC Penney has been closing retail locations for a while and all of a sudden a lot of new furniture started showing up in the shelf pull/returns loads. All of a sudden there was a lot more new inventory in the furniture and mattress loads than average. Also many loads with over 50% upholstery which is not common with liquidation furniture loads. The majority of loads of been well above average to excellent. Some of the loads are full of new product and there are even guidelines a call for a minimum of 50% of the product to be shelf pulls which is almost unheard of in the liquidation industry. Our best-selling loads.
Average wait time two days to three weeks.
Walmart A Grade Loads NY
General merchandise loads run hot and cold by location and time of year. The A Grade Loads we get from New York have been among the best loads under $10,000 we currently offer. These loads of been much better than those out of South Carolina and Arkansas.
Amazon.com Large Size, Small Size High-Value, and Small Size Moderate Value.
Online returns usually run much cleaner than store returns. They usually cost more as well. Unfortunately there are issues with Amazon.com manifests and overstated retail values. Some of the manifested loads are probably cost you close to 50% what you figure in the overstatements. Some of the facilities are busy and they do not manifest the loads. They categorize the loads using categories like the three load names above. Some of these loads will have a lot more retail product for the same money is a manifested load but you don't get billed for it since the total retail value is not known. Many of these loads will have much lower cost factors when compared to manifested loads. The small moderate value loads have 26 pallets with an average of 1000 to 1500 items per pallet and the condition of it is generally excellent.
Average wait time two days to seven days.
Amazon.com Shelf Pull Loads
These are manifested truckloads of Amazon.com shelf pulls. Minimal damage. We prefer Amazon categorized loads over manifested loads because of the retail overstatement issues that exist with manifested loads. The cost factor with these loads is reasonable and shelf pulls are always good.
Average wait time 4 to 10 days
Bed, Bath, and Beyond Internet Division Loads.
Online returns are usually much cleaner than store returns and these loads are no exception. This is one of the few loads on the market that is loaded with items for the home like housewares, home decor, high end vacuums, China, linens, and more. The majority of the loads are very clean and have a nice assortment of desirable merchandise for the home.
Average wait time two days to two weeks.
Best Buy Microwave Truckloads
These are almost all high-end brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool, and more. No cheap Wall Mart junk. The load guidelines call for 80% of the microwaves to be working and in the original manufacturers boxes. Our experiences been closer to 90%. Great loads for wholesaling in pallets of 20 microwaves as well. Best appliance loads we know of hands-down. Great product.
Average wait time two days to one week.
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