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Drugstore Truckloads
Truckloads consisting of products DIRECT SHIPPED from the drugstores distribution center. They could consist of returns, resets ( overstock and shelf pulls), or a combination of both.
typically the most sought after pallet is the RN or HBA pallet. you can't get truckloads of HBA pallets but you can assemble a truckload that has the maximum allowed HBA's and other desirable items to supplement it which is what most of our customers do.The other pallets have value and you need to take some of them to be able to get some pallets of the HBA's. Drugstore pallets typically contain items like:
HBA pallets,food pallets, juice and water pallets, homewere pallets,electronics pallets, household pallets,vitamin and nutritional supplement pallets,school and office pallets, chemical and cleaner pallets, tobacco pallets,bulk pallets ( very popular), pet products,haircare products,in personal and diaper products to name but a few.
A typical truckload is 26 to 30 pallets. You are allowed approximately 10 pallets of HBA or RN given that situation.
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