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Products for eBay
Fierce excessive competition is making it hard to make money on eBay, Amazon, and other online sales portals. Many brick and mortar retailers now offer price matching to win back customers. Consumers have more sellers competing for their dollars than ever before which drives down selling prices. Certain specialty items and popular items that are hard to get usually generate the best returns. Items that anyone can get easily are tough to make money online with.
eBay and other online portals are very different marketplaces. Some of the best product in stores will not bring good returns online. It just depends on what the online consumer wants and the supply available. There is so much product available online margins on many things are suffering. The best margins usually come from desirable products in short supply. The more availability, the lower the price and returns.
Many stores have begun retailing off their popular returns and shelf pulls directly on eBay, Amazon.com, walmart.com and other 3rd party websites. They get a much higher return that way. Unfortunately that practice has taken a lot of good product off the market.
You should separate yourself from the masses if you are not in a highly specialized niche market.
There are countless thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people looking to generate extra income online. Many of them have $1,000 to $5,000 to spend and they spend it. That is a tremendously competitive range and it is very difficult to consistently source profitable online product at those levels. You have to have niche product that is hard to get or the competition will kill your results.
CVS Drugstore Pallets with HBA
The best low investment product we know of for online sales are High Wholesale Drugstore Pallets with lots of HBA (health and beauty aids). A lot of it brings a good return online. It is listing/labor intense. You can get started in this category for $5,000 or even a little less.
The higher the load cost the less competition. Higher cost loads are not necessarily good online but there are not many low cost loads we know of that you can consistently make money online with. Way too much competition. Here are some customer favorites for online sales:
HSN (Home Shopping Network)
These are unprocessed loads with lots of overstock product. HSN is an online merchant so lots of their product is ideal for sale online. Some of the handbags, luggage, jewelry cases, bedding, housewares, and other items sell very well online. It is always good to have lots of new product in a load. These loads go for $14,000 to $18,000 depending on retail value. This is our best selling load for online sales. The total load cost is less than Sporting Goods loads but cost as a percentage of retail is lower in the Sporting Goods loads. The HSN loads are a good fit for those that have $14,000 to $18,000 to spend. Many of the items are easy to sell.
Amazon.com and Groupon
Both loads are usually clean with lots of product in the original manufactures box in good working order. Many of the products are ideal for online sales. One issue with these loads is overstatement of retail prices. It can easily be 100% or more which doubles your investment as a percent of the retail dollar. Loads run $6,000 to $20,000 and up. We feel the HSN loads are a better option.
Sporting Goods Apparel and Hardgoods
These loads are the "Big Daddy" of loads we know of for online sales. They are great for retail stores too. Some of these loads contain a large percentage of branded sports apparel like The North Face, Under Armor, Columbia, Patagonia, and others. Many of these items bring a much higher percentage of retail price that average. We get "Select" Sporting Goods Loads where the majority of items are overstock or shelf pulls. These loads have retail values that run from $100,000 to $500,000. They cost $17,000 to $85,000 as a result. It might look like a lot but there is nowhere else we know of where you can buy popular authentic branded sportswear like The North Face at such a low percentage of retail. These loads are for serious online sellers running a business rather than fooling around.
There are many good products that sell great in stores and flea markets but not online. You have to find the good products that sell well online to be successful.
Things that tend not to do well on eBay
Inexpensive items-Most people would rather just go to the store and buy locally if it is available and cheap. HBA is the exception here.
Low to moderate priced clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories-Way too easy to get and competitive online. It is hared to even get bids on some of these items.
Low to moderately priced everyday items like you would find at Wal Mart or similar stores-Way too easy to get and too competitive online. It is hard to even get bids on some of these items.
Unbranded or non branded product/Clothing and hardgoods-People seek out branded product at all levels. Unbranded product is especially difficult to sell online. Competition is fierce and margins are low.
Counterfeit items (unfortunately many out there)-They actually sell well online but you will eventually get caught and get in trouble. You can now order fake product online in small quantities. It's ridiculous.
Certain items that are difficult to ship due to size/weight.
Items that are easy to get online and/or locally
Damaged items
You can never be 100% sure what will or will not generate good returns online. Things have become very tough due to excessive competition, a weak economy, counterfeit product, and other factors. The HBA, HSN, and Sporting Goods loads have been consistently good sellers for us to our customers that are online sellers.
Note: The information provided above is our opinion based on years experience dealing with liquidation product. It should not be considered a statement of fact. We feel it can be useful to you when sourcing product to sell online. We encourage you to do as much research as you can as well.
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