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People Love To Shop On eBay. Everyone Is Looking For A Bargain On A Product They Really Want. Many People Will Really Up The Bids Or Select Items Offered As Buy It Now If It Is For Something They Really Want. See A Pattern Here. You Want To Sell Things Your Potential Buyers Really Want.
Rule 1 Stay Upscale
People Generally Want A Bargain On Upscale Items they Do Not Want To Pay Retail For
Rule 2 Avoid Cheap
Many People Will Visit Their Local Discount Retailer For Moderate To Low Cost Products.
Rule 3 Minimize Risk
There Are Risks Far Beyond Return On Investment. Learn About Grey Market and VERO.
Rule 4 Be Realistic
You Aren't The First To Aspire To Sell on eBay. Choose A Niche and Stay With It.
Browsing and Searching. We Believe Rule 1 Is SO Important It Is Worth Repeating. Many People Are Searching For Upscale Products They Do Not Want To Pay Retail For. Your Products Will Get Seen On eBay By Browsing And Searching. Browsing Gets Your Products Some Visibility Right At The Beginning And The End Of The Auction. That's A Pretty Tough Sell. People Search For Specific Brands And Styles Of Products By Keyword. Those Items Can Get Considerably More Visibility During The Auction Which Can Translate Into Considerably Higher Bids.
Lots Of Choices. Where Should I Begin? Electronics, Sporting Goods, Collectibles, Fashion. So Many Choices. We Handle Many Of These Items And More But We Recommend Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories Based On the Following:
There Is An Abundance Of Overproduction. Good Overstock Product Available. You Don't Have To Deal With Returns.
Apparel And Footwear Is Generally One Of The busiest Categories On eBay. The Buyers Are There.
Name Brand Apparel Is A Hot Item And Frequently Searched For By many Buyers On eBay. Higher End Brand Higher Demand.
Many Buyers Pay For Their Immediately After The Auction. They Want Their Item ASAP. Non Paying Bidders Can Be Minimal.
Consider Wholesaling. There Are Many People Looking For Small Wholesale Lots
Click Here For Information on Wholesaling.
We Sell Primarily Department Store Overstock. It Is One Of The Best Items In The Apparel, Footwear, And Accessories Category We Know Of.
The Products Below Are Routinely Purchased From Us By eBay Sellers
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