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Premium Electronics Pallets

Electronics Pallets
Electronics Pallets that can include:
Video games, consoles, controllers, and accessories.
• Cel phones, cables, chargers, cases, and accessories.
• Cel Phone Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, corded headphones and ear buds.
Tablets, cases, chargers, and accessories.
Home Audio Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth Speakers, Home theatre, cables and accessories.
• Routers, keyboards, mouse, USB ports, and other computer accessories.
• Radar detectors, phone docks, alarm clocks, and more.
Majority of the items in the original manufacturers boxes. Lots of new items in sealed boxes.
Lots of items retail between $30.00 and $129.00
Approximate piece count 700 to 800
Approximate retail $20,000 to $30,000
Approximately 85% in original box in working order
If you only sell 500 items at $10.00 each you gross $5,000
Only $1,600 per pallet
Easily shipped to a residence.
Temporary Price Reduction
Only $3,600 for 3 Pallets. Save $1,200
This offer applies to current stock only and can be withdrawn at anytime.
Note: These are averages complied from sales of multiple pallets. Any single pallet could contain a variance above or below the averages
consumer electronics
shelf pulls overstock
Electronics pallets and electronics truckloads consist of a general assortment of consumer electronics that can include video games and consoles, Cel phones and accessories, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, tablets and accessories, home theatre and accessories, computer equipment and accessories, radar detectors, alarm clocks, and more. Electronics pallets are typically purchased by store owners, flea market vendors, wholesalers, and online vendors.
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