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General Merchandise Truckloads
General Merchandise Truckloads Can Include Great Products For Discount Stores and Flea Markets
Surplus inventory, Overstock Products, Customer Returns, Department Store Returns, Product Liquidations, Closeouts, General Merchandise Pallets, Closeout Merchandise, and More

General  merchandise truckloads Customer returns pallets Mixed  general  merchandise surplus General  merchandise pallets
Mixed General Merchandise truckloads are probably the best "Bang for the Buck" loads on the liquidation market. The General Merchandise Pallets in the load can add 12 or more departments to your store. Some of these General Merchandise Pallets have many items in the $30 to $300 range making them ideal for auctions. Other pallets contain high piece counts with many items $20 and under making them ideal for flea markets. General merchandise truckloads have always been good for wholesalers that sell general merchandise pallets to those that can't afford truckloads. General Merchandise truckloads are our most popular and best selling loads with retailers, auction houses, and wholesalers.
Most Retailers Have Their General Merchandise Loads Processed by Jobbers
Some of the jobbers remove select items from the loads for sale on retail websites like eBay or Walmart.com

Wal Mart A
Grade Loads

Best of the standard loads

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Wal Mart C/D Grade Heavily Processed Loads

Stay Away

K Mart Loads

Standard Load

Low cost

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Sears Loads and
Home Depot Loads

Standard loads

Not many tools in the loads

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Target Loads

Decent loads but these loads can be 50% or more apparel.  We only do these as special orders because of this.

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Unprocessed Premium Grade Loads

Wal Mart
A+ Premium

Unprocessed High Retail
Excellent Loads

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HSN White
Glove Loads

Premium Load

Unprocessed High retail

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Retailers used to be able to buy General Merchandise loads for $6,500 to $9,500 and at least double their money.  Wholesalers could get 30% to 40% returns on pallet sales.  Much of that came to an abrupt end once the jobbers started in on retailing items out of the liquidation loads online.  Some of them get carried away and there is not much left over after the select items are sold off on eBay and other online retail websites.
We do still deal in general merchandise loads but are very careful about the inventory we purchased for resale. We look for the loads with the least amount of processing. 
We grade standard/processed loads A through D.  Unfortunately the Lower Grade loads have fallen off considerably from previous years.  There is a lot of risk involved with the purchase of heavily processed loads.
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We Offer You The Best Pricing On The Best Products

General merchandise pallets in general merchandise truckloads can consists of a nice assortment of department store overstock and department store returns truckloads, liquidation, overstock, customer returns, and closeout merchandise including tools pallets, toy pallets, electronics pallets, housewares pallets, sporting goods pallets, hardware pallets, home décor pallets, and more. We offer a great selection of popular department store returns, customer returns, surplus and closeouts. Most of these items can be DIRECT SHIPPED from their source. That way you get the full general merchandise truckloads in tact with no middlemen cherry picking the general merchandise pallets. Off price department store returns, liquidations, closeouts, and surplus products are the way to go. Purchase for pennies on the wholesale dollar. Sell mixed general merchandise truckloads with pallets of liquidations, closeouts, department store returns, and customer returns to your customers at big discounts while maintaining big profit margins. General merchandise truckloads full of general merchandise pallets are a great way to compete in today's retail environment.

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