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Brand New Bluetooth Headsets
Great Sound with a One Year Limited Warranty

These are high quality headsets built with high quality components. We use high end CSR European Chipsets rather than the cheap Chinese and Taiwanese Chipsets used by other companies to cut costs and maximize profits. We prefer to maximize sound quality. Humble 7 Products are very durable and carry a one year limited warranty. They have a great crisp clear sound and we will put them up against anything on the market no matter what the price. They will be sold at a fraction of the price of many of the expensive major brands.

All of our headsets carry a one year limited warranty.

Humble7 products will be sold through our store at Amazon.com and through our distribution network which will include wholesalers, brick and mortar retailers, and flea market vendors. The online pricing will be approximately 20% higher than the suggested MSRPs for our distribution network. We will protect our distributors who don't have to worry about customers telling them they can buy them cheaper online from us.
An excellent item for export

The initial model is the Sport 7S. It is similar in appearance to the Beats Powerbeats 3 (retail $129-$199 on average). These headsets can be used for almost any activity but work especially well when involved in physical activities like running, bicycling, hiking, etc. They also work well when you are involved in things that require the use of your hands where you can't constantly adjust the earbuds on your ear le painting, woodwork, working on cars or motorcycles, etc. They carry an IPX 4 water resistance rating which basically means they are resistant to sweat while exercising and resistant to light rain or light spray. We recommend selling these in your store or at the flea market for $49.95. We will list them on Amazon initially for $59.95.

Initial lots are as follows
300 Sport 7S Units for $6600 or $22 per unit.
150 Sport 7S Units $3,900 or $26 per unit.
The items ship in UPS boxes so shipping won't be high.

These are brand-new highly desirable Bluetooth Headsets that carry a one year limited warranty.
They put out sound comparable to some units costing two times and three times the price.

They put the $20 cheap Asian imports to shame.
Most everyone loves Bluetooth headsets. Most everyone at almost all income levels has a mobile phone. Mobile phones need accessories and Bluetooth headsets are one of the most popular.
Our headsets offer the user great value between sound quality and cost. We spent close to a year engineering these headsets to deliver superior audio quality while keeping the cost down substantially below that of many of the well-known brands. We expect them to sell very well for our distributors.
How many electronics pallets have you bought in the past where half the items were broken and the other half were outdated and hard to sell. Big-box retailers are going through their returns pallets and pulling out the more desirable items to retail off on eBay and other retail websites for a high percent of retail. Our products give you the opportunity to deal in new Bluetooth Headsets which is among the most popular consumer electronics item on the market.
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