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JC Penney Furniture Loads
These loads contain inventory from stores in NC, VA, and SC. JC Penney has been closing stores in the region resulting in some of the best furniture loads we have had in years. The majority of the items are wrapped or in the original manufacturers boxes. There are some returns mixed in but lots of overstock, floor samples, and other unsold product.
The majority of liquidation furniture loads we get are 80% or more wood and 20% or less upholstery. One reason for this is upholstered items usually sell first. Many of the items on these JC Penney loads come from store closings where the upholstery has not been sold off yet. A few of the manifests show over 60% upholstery. They sell first.
Best manifests we have had in years
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Some of the items have been discounted online. That is usually the case when a store is dealing with backed up inventory due to store closings. You are purchasing this inventory so cheap you can offer deep discounts and still generate strong profits. Standard returns loads can go for 16% to 24%. Many of these JC Penney loads have been full of new product and are worth far more than a standard returns loads. 13% for these loads is a bargain.
Example: There is a sofa with a retail price of $800. Your price on that sofa is only $104. You can sell the sofa for $208 and double your money. 50% off retail is $400. It should bring $300 to $500 in many discount stores.
Some loads contain a majority of Ashley Furniture
A great opportunity for good fall profits
There is a lot of profit potential with these loads compared to Processed general merchandise loads and other offerings on the liquidation market. You don't have to be a furniture store to sell furniture. General Discount Stores and Auction Houses are good venues. We have customers with full time jobs that put furniture loads in storage units and sell them on craigslist and local auctions. Good furniture at good prices is always in demand.
FOB Charlotte, NC
These store closing loads will not last forever. Get your load(s) lined up while the opportunity exists.
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