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These are our interpretation of trade terms and should not be considered an absolute statement of fact.
Salvage is a broad term and encompasses many different categories of products. In its purest form salvage is merchandise that has had its value reduced. There can be many reasons for this. The condition of the merchandise can be one reason or a combination of reasons. Damages in manufacturing, damages due to an event like fire, or damages while handling reduce the value of the merchandise. Customer returns generally have a portion of merchandise that is damaged and a portion that is not. There may be surplus or overstock merchandise mixed in with the customer returns loads in fact that is common. Some would refer to these loads as salvage loads with the salvage portion relating to the damage in the customer returns portion. We have heard many refer to salvage loads as deeply damaged loads and while there are certainly deeply damaged loads out there and they would be considered salvage loads, not all salvage loads are deeply damaged.
Since salvage is merchandise that has had its value reduced for a single or a combination of reasons, you would be wise to ask what to expect. Customer returns are not all bad. Some of the products are good some are not, especially with mixed general merchandise. On the flip side an electronics load that has been gone through by technicians could have a very high damage rate. These are the types of salvage loads we try to avoid.
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