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Home Depot Tools and Hardware Truckloads
These loads are a mix of shelf pulls and customer returns. They typically include:
Tools: Hand Tools and Power Tools
Shop Equipment: Compressors, Shop Vacs, Pressure Washers, Battery Chargers, and More
Lawn and Garden: Mowers, Weedeaters, Chain Saws, and More
Hardware: Nails, Screws, Rivets, Locks, and More
These loads are manifested.
The prices are on the manifest wholesale, not retail prices. Wholesale prices are generally lower than retail but some items are discounted by Home Depot at or below wholesale. They would rather sell the product at the retail level that liquidate it.
Loads are DIRECT SHIPPED from Home Depot facilities in GA, OH, and AZ.
These are the least expensive loads we handle that includes tools. We do have loads that are all tools, shop equipment, and lawn and garden and loads that are all tools
Call for details and pricing
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