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Wholesale Cosmetics

wholesale cosmetics overstock wholesale cosmetics shelf pulls wholesale cosmetics Cover Girl
Wholesale cosmetics are one of the best products we offer. Our wholesale cosmetics lots are overstocks and shelf pulls from national drug store chains like CVS or Rite Aid. Wholesale cosmetics lots contain a wide mix of items that can include:
Makeup, blush, powder, foundation, mascara, pencils, lipsticks, eye shadow, eyeliner, fragrances, nail care, multiple piece gift sets, and more.
Brands can include:
Cover Girl, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Revlon, Rite Aid Brand, and more.

There are national branded and private branded cosmetics like Cover Girl vs. Rite Aid Brand.  People generally willing to pay much more for branded items and sometimes they will not even buy non branded items.  Cosmetics are no different from clothing when it comes to this.

Wholesale cosmetics lots have a wide range of prices per unit.  Anywhere from 20 cents per unit to $2.00 per unit and up.

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Deciding which wholesale cosmetics lot to choose

You can shop wholesale cosmetics lots price points for the lowest price per unit but you are really shopping the breakdown of the lot.  Consider this before making your decision:

  • Low price point/cost per unit lots can indicate non branded and/or low retail items.  They can contain items like tubes of non-branded lipstick that retail for $1.00 or eyeliner that sells for the same or less. These items can be hard to sell at any price.
  • High branded/high retail lots can contain brands like Cover Girl, L'Oreal, and Maybelline. Items can include multi piece gift sets that retail for $15.00 and up and a lot of items that retail in the $5.00 to $15.00 range.
  • People at all income levels find branded items like Cover Girl, L'Oreal, Maybelline very desirable and will usually pay more money for branded items than they will for non branded items of the same type.
  • Brokers will drop names like Cover Girl or Maybelline while advertising low cost lots, 50 cents per unit and below, but the math does not work. Low cost per piece means low retail items.
  • Margins on branded wholesale cosmetics lots can be among the best of anything we offer. It can be significantly more profitable to buy for $1.00 and sell for $3.00 to $10.00. Low cost lots can mean buying for 50 cents and trying to sell for 75 cents to $1.00.
We highly recommend well branded wholesale cosmetics lots. We want you to make money and sell through your pallet quickly so you can order more. We believe the branded lots give you the best opportunity.
Wholesale cosmetics lots are one of the few items we offer where it makes sense to buy by the pallet rather than the truckload. The other item is Drugstore and HBA pallets. You get substantial retail dollars in just one pallet which makes the shipping cost of one pallet well worthwhile. Pallets can be shipped to a residence as well as a business.
A good wholesale market
There are lots of store owners, flea market sellers, and even online sellers looking to buy in small quantities. Wholesale cosmetics lots can be sold off in 200 to 300 piece lots as well as individually. This can be a very effective way to move merchandise quickly and can be very profitable.
Wholesale cosmetics lots are working well for retail stores, online stores, eBay sellers, flea market sellers, wholesalers, and exporters. The most important decision you will make is the first one. low cost/low retail lots vs. branded/high retail lots. We highly recommend you go with the latter. In the end you should have more success selling someone something they want rather than meeting basic needs.
Wholesale cosmetics lots can be a great product for home based online sellers, retail stores, and wholesalers
Please call for details and pricing
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