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HBA Pallets and More
Health and Beauty Aids From a Popular National Drug Store
HBA Pallets, HBA Truckloads, drug store pallets
HBA pallets, drug store pallets, hba truckloads
Rite Aid HBA and Drugstore Pallets
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HBA pallets, or health and beauty aid pallets, have been among the most popular items in the industry. Why are HBA pallets so popular? Because they contain items people need and use in their daily lives. Many people look to save anywhere possible so health and beauty aids or hba pallets become an easy sell. HBA pallets typically include:
Medicine, skin care, allergy relief, oral care, reproductive health, vitamins, Band-Aids, shampoo, soaps and cleansers, cough syrup, perfumes, health supplements, diet aids (ultra slim fast, GNC, and that type of product)and much more.
These drug store pallets are typically huge with the items in cartons stacked on a pallet. There can be so many cartons on one pallet that sometimes we cut the pallets in half which still leaves a lot of product.
We get reports of strong returns from HBA pallets or health and beauty aids from some of our customers. This is a product worthy of serious consideration especially in the current environment where money is tight and many other loads have regressed in quality and value. Drugstore pallets have a lot of value.
HBA Pallets are Sold by the Truckload and Occasionally by the Pallet
Drug Store Pallets and Drug Store Truckloads
The most economical way to purchase HBA pallets or health and beauty aid pallets is by the truckload.
The drug store companies with the drug store pallets will not allow the purchase of just HBA pallets also known as RN pallets. You can get up to 10 HBA pallets on a truckload and then you need to supplement it with additional items. Those items can be returns or resets (overstocks and shelf pulls).
We occasionally offer the purchase of individual HBA pallets but truckload purchases are usually required
Truckloads of HBA pallets and other drug store pallets can be DIRECT SHIPPED from the drug stores distribution centers in Carlisle, PA, Rural Hall, NC, and Reno, NV. DIRECT SHIPPED truckloads are always the best way to go as they don't get cherry picked at a middleman's warehouse.
besides health and beauty aids the drugstore pallets can include food, juices and water, seasonal, cleaners and soaps, and bulk. Bulk is an excellent category that can typically includes things too big for health and beauty aids as well like diapers, feminine products, toys, and small appliances. Kind of a grab bag with good variety and sometimes a big payoff. We have customers that buy truckloads of these.
The Resets or Overstock and Shelf Pulls
This merchandise is overstock, shelf pulls, box damage, and other items where the product is fully functional. You generally are required to buy reset product in order to be able to buy HBA Pallets or Health and Beauty Aid pallets. This is good merchandise that comes in a variety of categories that includes:
Food and snacks, general merchandise and household goods, in date medications, vitamins, personal care items, candles and party, new cosmetics, school and office, tobacco, chemicals and cleaners, hair care, paper and diapers, and pet supplies. The reset products are great because of the condition but they cost more and most customers balance their truckloads between returns and resets.
The key is to try to get as many HBA Pallets or health and beauty aids as possible. Those items tend to be most profitable among drug store pallets.
Occasionally these trucks are offered ready to ship but most of the time they need to be assembled several pallets of the time and the key is to get the best possible mix. It usually takes about a week to get one ready to ship. Either way you could realize the kind of returns you never knew existed in this type of business especially with the HBA pallets. We always have a waiting list (orders in process) on these loads but we also get a steady flow of product. and turn drug store pallets out quickly. Please call to find out how to get started in the program. It's one of the best we offer.
Please call for details and pricing
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