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Wal Mart Truckloads
Best General Merchandise Loads Subject to Grade
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Wal Mart Truckloads
Wal Mart Truckloads
Wal Mart is the undisputed king of retail sales in the US. The right balance of product selection and price is a primary reason. You can take advantage of their success while offering your customers products big discounts off of Wal Mart retail and still generate good profits at your store. Wal Mart general merchandise truckloads are one of the best truckloads on the market as long as you get the Premium/Unprocessed loads.
Click here for explanation of Premium versus Standard loads
Wal Mart Truckloads are a mix of hardgoods that can include:
Kitchen and home: small electric appliances like toasters, mixers, blenders, coffee makers, counter top ovens, pots and pans, flatware, vacuums, steam cleaners, irons, furniture, home decor, and more
Tools and Automotive: Hand tools, power tools, shop vacs, lawn and garden, battery chargers, floor jacks, and more
Consumer electronics: Bluetooth speakers and headsets, home theatre, home audio, video games and consoles, alarm clocks and radios, tablets and tablet accessories, mobile phone accessories, and more
Sporting goods: Fishing equipment and supplies, hunting equipment and supplies, bikes, skateboards, team sports, and more
Lawn and garden/Outdoor living: Mowers, edgers, trimmers, blowers, grills, smokers, fryers, and more.
And more departments including cameras, health and beauty, toys, pets, luggage seasonal, and more.
Many Wal Mart overstock and returns truckloads are processed in multiple facilities in the US. They all sort and remove some of the premium retail product for resale on websites. Many standard/processed liquidation loads currently are poor leftover loads with little premium merchandise in them. Most loads on the marketplace are standard/processed. 
There are also Wal Mart truckloads loads that have not been processed. These are the A+, Premium or Unprocessed loads. They tend to have retail values 3 to 4 times that of the processed/standard loads since the premium items have not been removed. These are the loads you want. They do have lots of premium items from popular categories in them unlike many of the processed loads.
We Offer Unprocessed Loads
Many Have Retail Values Over $100,000
Standard/Processed Wal Mart Loads
Click here for differences between standard and premium loads
When you buy a standard/processed load you could be buying a load where the Premium items in Premium Categories have been removed.  Don't expect a lot of electronics, small kitchen appliances, domestics, tools, or sporting goods in good working order on a regular basis.  That is what the jobbers pull out for sale on 3rd party websites.  The remaining retail value of the leftover loads can be very low.  Many buyers don't understand this when they buy liquidation loads on online auction sites.  They might get a load for $5,000 but it might only have a retail value of $16,000.  Once you figure in the damage and unsellable product you could be struggling just to break even.
Avoid purchasing processed loads with premium items removed. They are leftover loads.
There is a lot of risk associated with the purchase of processed loads.
Get in on the top general merchandise loads we offer.
Call for details and pricing
All Prime Products offers Premium Unprocessed Wal Mart Truckloads full of premium Wal Mart liquidations general merchandise pallets. Unprocessed Wal Mart Truckloads can contain items from popular categories like housewares, tools, electronics, sporting goods, and more. Liquidation Wal Mart Truckloads are priced for pennies on the dollar. There is a big difference between Premium/Unsorted Wal Mart Truckloads and standard/processed Wal Mart Truckloads.
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