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Major Appliance Truckloads or Appliance Truckloads - Truckloads of large household appliances like refrigerators, deep freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, etc.
New - New unused appliance. Usually new in the box but could be new out of the box. Should be free of cosmetic and operational flaws.
Near New - New condition, could be out of the box or crating. Should be free of cosmetic and operational flaws.
Floor Model - Set out on the floor of the retail showroom. Should be in good working order .Usually free of operational flaws but could contain minor cosmetic flaws
Canceled Orders - Usually new or near new, occasionally scratch and dent.
Scratch and Dent - Usually in good working condition with cosmetic flaws.
Untested Customer Returns - Could be in good working order or damaged. Taken back by the retailer and sold as is.
Damaged - Usually has functional flaws. Could have cosmetic flaws too.
Used - Appliances that have been used in a buyers home for a moderate to long period of time. They usually show signs of wear and can contain functional and/or cosmetic flaws.
Haul Offs - Appliances hauled off buy the retailer when delivering a new appliance. They can be old damaged used appliances or in good functional and/ or cosmetic condition. These appliances usually tend to be low quality with issues.
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