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All Prime Products
Direct Distribution System
All Prime Products is well positioned in the asset liquidation marketplace to offer you the benefits of receiving merchandise direct from the major retailers without an array of additional costs attached. Our DIRECT DISTRIBUTION model replaces the old multi level vertical distribution model that contains too many hands in the transaction. Distributors who warehouse this merchandise can Cherry Pick the loads before shipping greatly reducing their value. These distributors incur shipping costs to their warehouse which is generally passed on to the buyer. Then you have to pay shipping to your location after that. Brokers add additional costs to merchandise. Some transactions can go three of four brokers deep with each one adding their fee to the cost of your load. The majority of these unnecessary costs can be avoided with direct distribution. Cut out the middleman and stop lining the pockets of others. The less you pay the more you make. A truck that does not stop at a distributors warehouse before it gets to you does not get cherry picked and you do not bear the additional freight.

We have established long term strategic partnerships with many major department stores and catalog and/or internet distribution companies allowing us to offer our customers merchandise direct from these retailers without layers of middlemen. We keep your investment in inventory and logistics costs low and keep your inventory in tact as it was when it left the retailers distribution centers by cutting out middlemen. We can offer you the edge you need to profit in today's competitive retail environment. We do not involve you in buying club scams with costly membership fees or try to sell you supplier lists that promise overnight riches. We do supply you with merchandise at the lowest possible cost.

Our DIRECT DISTRIBUTION system and be used for general merchandise, tool, sporting goods, housewares, and even fashion items like clothing and footwear. Buy at the lowest prices and avoid cherry picking and other additional costs brought on by middlemen. Buy DIRECT.
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