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Children's Clothing Lots
Great Low Pricing
Good quality children's clothing line sold at a large national retail store. The majority of sizes in the lots are usually infants and toddlers. Size 0 to 6 months up to size 6 toddler. Boys and girls mixed. No accessories.
Children's clothing has been difficult to come by the past few years. Most stores have chosen to liquidate at the store level offering big discounts to shoppers that result in little to no seasonal stock left over. Also there are only a few stores that separate children's clothing from men's and women's Most stores require you to purchase the men's, women's, and children's together. There are very few all children's clothing lots.
We currently have these low cost children's clothing lots
Mostly summer styles
Export to warm weather countries
Sold in 5,000 piece lots for only .95 per piece
Children's clothing for under $1.00 per piece
We also have JC Penney Premium children's clothing lots. Nice brands and styles.
3,000 pieces for only 2.65 per piece.
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