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Premium Microwave Truckloads
Top shelf brands
These truckloads consist of Premium Brand Microwaves. The loads have been exceptionally clean and guidelines 80% in original manufacturers boxes in good working order. Recent loads of been close to 90%. Brands can include
Samsung, LG, Kitchen Aid, Panasonic, Whirlpool, and others
    • Truckloads include approximately 820 microwaves.
    • Estimated retail value of the truck is $160,000-$200,000
    • 40 to 43 pallets per truck given 20 microwaves per pallet.
    • Estimated retail per pallet $4400.
    • $18,645 your cost per truck
    • $22.75 your average cost per microwave
    • Estimated retail $220 per microwave
Majority high-end brands some with retail values over $500. We have customers selling these the flea market and in stores for $75-$200 per unit depending on the model. A good profit for a microwave that cost $22.75 on average
These loads are great for wholesale as well as retail
    • 40 to 43 pallets per truck given 20 microwaves per pallet.
    • Estimated retail per pallet $4400.
    • $455 your average estimated cost per pallet
    • $900 wholesale selling price per pallet
    • $445 your profit per pallet. Close to 100%.
Your wholesale customer buys a pallet with an approximate $4400 retail value for $900. If he sells for one third of retail or 66% off, he grosses $1466 and profits $566 off his $900 investment. He only has to sell 20 units to do this
The estimates do not account for shipping which will vary based on your proximity to the FOB point. It also does not take damage an account which is 20% by the guidelines but has been closer to 10% with recent loads.
There is plenty of money to be made on these loads at the retail and wholesale end. The person that makes the money is the one that buys the truck load and can select how many units to retail and wholesale. You don't need a big store for one of these loads. It is easy to wholesale pallets that are profitable to buyers.
This is one of the absolute best products we know of in liquidation. It is rare to find popular branded high-end microwaves in excellent shape and heavily discounted prices.
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