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Premium Sealy and Stearns & Foster Mattress Loads
The big advantage of these loads is they have some of the most popular branded mattresses at a small fraction of retail value. This allows you to discount these way down and still turn a good profit. Most everyone wants to purchase a branded mattress. They don't want to purchase non-branded mattresses and will usually not pay much for them. Many people cannot afford branded mattresses at the regular retail prices but jump at the opportunity when they are discounted.
Another big advantage of selling mattresses is they are a big ticket item. One or two items sold can generate good register receipts. That is much easier than selling hundreds of $5 items to reach the same level of sales.
Sealy and Stearns & Foster mattress loads consist of Factory Processed and Unprocessed returns and warehouse scuff loads. Factory Processed loads are processed inside the Sealy plant. The mattresses are cleaned, chemically treated, and re bagged. The vast majority of the mattresses are shelf ready if not all of them. Unprocessed Loads come from the same source but do not go through the cleaning process. They are bagged like the Factory Processed loads. The majority of the mattresses in the Unprocessed Loads contain minor flaws like a small scuff, spot, stitch tear, etc.. They can go right to your shelves. A minority portion of the mattresses require some cleaning to get them to the same level as the others. The Factory Processed loads cost about twice what the Unprocessed loads cost. Most people buy the Unprocessed Loads for that reason. The Unprocessed Loads are very good an there are no throwaways or junk.
Most of the mattresses are sleep returns, warehouse scuffs, floor samples, etc. They are not used mattresses or hotel refurbs which are not desirable and do not bring near the same money. Everything is wrapped in plastic. The overall condition of these loads has been very good. Plenty of mattresses in the loads with retail values from $2,000 to $4,500. Great profit potential
Loads are majority Queens and Kings with very few twins and fulls.
Loads are mattresses only. We can add box springs on request.
The best mattress loads contain popular branded mattresses at deep discounted prices. There is a lot of value in these loads because of this.
Loads start at only $6,640
Mattress and furniture mixed loads are available.
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