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These are our interpretation of trade terms and should not be considered an absolute statement of fact.
Store Returns
Store returns, department store returns, or customer returns are a major portion of the surplus salvage industry. These are products returned to the store by customers for various reasons. Some of the reasons can include remorse or they just did not want the product. Sometimes the customer cannot figure out how to use the product, get frustrated, and reurn it. These are generally good returns. Some products are rerurned for minor cosmetic flaws or minor flaws that do not affect the products use. These can be good returns too. Some returns are damaged to the point they affect the functionality of the proiduct. These are the lower value returns. Most store returns loads contain a mix of products returned for various reasons.
Most of the general merchandise, tools, and sporting goods loads we deal in are store returns or customer returns. Store returns can be popular items that have good sales value as opposed to items left on the shelf that did not sell. A good clean load can be a real moneymaker.
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