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Target Raw Unprocessed Loads
Target Raw Truckloads are one of the only true unprocessed loads left on the market. Most retailers heavily process their liquidation inventory and remove most of the electronics, small kitchen appliances, sporting goods, and other categories of merchandise they sell on ebay and other retail websites. All of the Brick and Mortar retailers are under heavy pressure from online sellers and are losing market share and profit margins. They don't let all that good unsold inventory get away for bargain prices anymore. They pull lots of the popular good value items and sell them off on eBay.
Target Stores has good quality control on returns. Damage is minimal and most loads average only 10% to 15% damage. That means 85% to 90% good sellable product.
The Retail Value of Target Raw Truckloads is Substantially Higher Than Most Other GM Loads on the Market
Target Raw Truckloads usually contain all the popular categories in the store including electronics, housewares, sporting goods, tools, automotive, domestics/bedding, and more. Many of these loads have retail values in excess of of $130,000. They are not manifested so Target cannot determine a price based on a percentage of retail which would be a lot higher than what they charge for the unprocessed/unsorted Target Raw Truckloads.
Great Product for General Discount Stores and Bin Stores. Best Value on the Market.
Piece counts typically average 200 and up per pallet. This makes many of the items in the Target Raw Truckloads ideal for Bin Store sales. There are also good moderate to high retail items for shelf sales. These loads have it all because they are true unprocessed loads.
Popular general merchandise loads sell on large auction sites for 25% t0 40% of retail value on a regular basis. They are assembled to appeal to small uneducated buyers looking to buy loads under $10,000. Many of them are low retail half loads that wind up selling for $5,000 to $8.000. You are not getting a good deal at these prices if the load has a retail value of only $13,000 to $18,000. Compare that to a Target Raw Truckload that sells for $10,500 with a retail value of $130,000. There is a huge difference in cost per retail dollar. Avoid low retail general merchandise loads sold on large auction websites.
Target Raw Truckloads ship from MD, PA, and MN. The loads out of MD are consistently the best.
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