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Target.com Premium GM Truckloads
These are from Target's internet division, target.com. Internet based loads are cleaner than store based loads and these are no exception. These Premium Target General Merchandise Truckloads typically run 85% to 90% unused product. The next best thing to shelf pull loads.
Target.com Premium General Merchandise Truckloads contain lots of desirable products your customers want. They are usually heavy on small kitchen appliances and often contain High Retail Items l9ike Dyson Vacuums, Kitchen Aid Mixers, Cappuccino Makers, and more. There are not many loads of this caliber on the market these days.
These loads usually have high retail values due to all the high retail premium items in the load. They might sound expensive but they are usually a lot less money than other loads on the market as a percentage of retail which is mostly what matters. walmart.com loads may sound like a good deal for $5,000 but not if the retail value is only $15,000. A target.com load might sound expensive at $18,000 but not if it has a $72,000. Many walmart.com loads are sold on auction sites where some people don't figure that out and grossly overpay. You need to buy at a reasonable percentage of retail to make any money.
We only get 3 of these a week. Call today to avoid long waiting lists.
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