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Wal Mart Truckloads
Wal mart is the largest Brick and Mortar retailer in the world. They also own walmart.com, the company's internet sales division. walmart.com product is similar to Amazon.com where there is merchandise offered by Wal Mart and merchandise offered by third party sellers. Most liquidation products that come from both divisions are not great or overpriced. A little of it is excellent. All Wal Mart liquidation merchandise is not the same and you are wise too know the different types and sources.
Merchandise from Brick and Mortar Wal Mart Stores is referred to as Store Returns. Rough loads are common. Most of it is processed by jobbers who remove the better items for sale on eBay and other retail websites.
Merchandise from walmart.com is referred to as walmart.com or internet returns. This merchandise typically runs much cleaner than store returns. The walmart.com loads are not usually picked over for items to sell on eBay like the Store Returns loads since the items have already been offered for sale online. The product mix is much wider and not limited too the low income products offered by the Brick and Mortar Stores. There is lots of merchandise in walmart.com you would never see in the Brick and Mortar Stores because they are not limited to shelf space and there are third party sellers involved.
The walmart.com merchandise it much cleaner with more popular items in most instances. We stopped purchasing Wal Mart Store Returns Truckloads a few years back when the heavy processing by the jobbers started. The Store Returns are cheap but too much damage and too much of the good product got removed.
Most walmart.com loads are distributed 2 different ways:
Auction Websites
They are sold on large auction based websites. Many of the loads are marketed to beginners and low information buyers. Lots of half loads with 10 to 15 pallets. Buyers think they are getting a great deal at the price but the retail value of the loads are low and there is nothing good about a truckload that cost $5,000 if the retail val8ue is only $15,000. That happens a lot. It's tough to make money when purchasing on these platforms.
Normal Business Liquidation Channels
These are complete truckloads that ship out of walmart.com regional hubs. The loads are fully manifested. Most loads are much cleaner than average as most internet based loads are. Good loads like this at reasonable prices are hard to find and sell quickly as a result. We maintain a list of active buyers we send out current availability as we get it. They don't last long but usually last long enough to take a good look at the manifest before making a decision.
All Prime Products is one of the only liquidators that get this merchandise before getting snapped up by the regional store chains and exporters. They get most of the loads before the general public has a chance. The only option after that is high priced half loads on auction websites.
We also get target.com general merchandise truckloads. They are excellent mixed general merchandise truckloads. They are much cleaner than average and contain a good mix of general merchandise. There are more upscale items on these loads like Dyson Vacuums, $300+ retail mixers, Calphalon Cookware, premium bedding, lots of baby, and more upscale mixed general merchandise truckloads. target.com is good when your customers are focused primarily on the product and the price is secondary. walmart.com is good when your customer is focused primarily on price with the product secondary. Booth are great loads. Choose the one that fits your market best.
Call us and get on our availability list for the best mixed general merchandise truckloads on the market.
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