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JC Penney's Mattress Truckloads
Brand Name Mattresses at Fire Sale Prices
JC Penney's Has been closing stores over the past several years. There have been a lot of overstock and shelf pull mattresses in many of the JC Penney liquidation mattress truckloads as a result. These are the best mattress truckloads we have had in years.
These are new mattresses for the most part. Many are current some might be discontinued. The majority of mattresses are overstock or shelf pulls. There are some returns in the loads. See below for what constitutes returned mattresses.
Almost all the mattresses in the truckloads are Sealy, Stearns and Foster, Simmons, and Serta. Some loads even have Tempur-Pedic.
Each JC penney mattress truckload comes with a detailed manifest showing each item that comes in the load and the MSRP. JC Penney mattress truckloads consist of mattresses and foundations. Don't sweat the foundations as your average cost per foundation is usually around $22 or so. Most mattress truckloads are about 50-50 mattresses and box springs but usually about 90% of the value of the loads is in mattresses. Box springs are cheap. Don't sweat them.
JC Penney mattress truckloads are in short supply and there can be waiting lists involved. There are not generally loads sitting around unaccounted for but supply has picked up and the wait period is not generally that long. These loads are usually well worth waiting for. The quicker you call the quicker you can get a JC Penney mattress truckload.
Do not confuse JC Penney mattress truckloads for used mattresses or recondition mattresses which are much less desirable and sell for substantially less money.
Used and reconditioned mattresses generally sell for much less than new mattresses. New mattresses are much more desirable and sell for much more as result.
  • Used mattress - a mattress that has been used by one or more parties over a substantial period of time like a year or more. It is not uncommon for them to be stained, have low spots, or be damaged.
  • Reconditioned mattress - these are usually used mattresses from hotels and other commercial sources that are run through a process where they are treated with chemicals to meet state health standards. The are generally treated with an extractor that vacuums dirt and possibly bedbugs out of the mattress. These mattresses are far from new.
  • Return mattress - A return is not a used mattress. It is a mattress somebody purchased from the store that they returned within a specified time period for one of multiple reasons. Returns can be in new condition or can be damaged. JC penney mattresses are not used mattresses or recondition mattresses.
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